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South Essex Counselling offers a safe space to explore any issues, difficulties or problems you may be experiencing.

We are non-judgemental and are here to listen. We use a range of skills to help you uncover answers and find ways to help you cope and deal with what life is throwing at you.

Our Focus


Our focus is to strive for better mental health for all our clients. We do all we can to support our clients so that they can improve their mental health. 

We stay up to date with current research and theories to ensure our clients get the best care. 

Our Promise


We promise to treat all clients with respect and adhere to our confidentiality policy.

We are members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). As members we agree to adhere to their ethical framework to ensure best practice and care for our clients. As part of this we also under go clinical supervision to maintain safe and ethical counselling sessions. 


Person-Centred Therapy

This counselling approach advocates that every individual has the answers to their concerns in life. Person-centred counsellors believe that each person possesses the solutions that they are looking for. With guidance, empathy and a strong therapeutic relationship, those solutions can be brought to the surface. For more information on Person-Centred Therapy, please click here.

Transactional Analysis

This model is very useful for relationships. Through analysis and communication, both participants within the therapeutic relationship (client and counsellor) can discuss how the client interacts with other people. For more information on Transactional Analysis, please click here.  

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

The CBT approach believes thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all interconnected. Negative thoughts can occur in a 'vicious circle' and can result in adverse feelings and behaviour. This therapy looks at negative thought patterns and attempts to guide an individual into changing their way of thinking about a particular event or concern. Please click here for more information on CBT. 














Shelly (MBACP)


Shelly is an integrative counsellor and offers counselling in Basildon. She incorporates skills from a number of theories to tailor a way of working that best suits her clients. She has experience working with addiction, young people, depression, anxiety and bereavement.

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Sharon (MBACP)


Sharon is an integrative counsellor and uses a range of tools to assist with the journey that herself and her client embark on. The journey is always led by the client, and the client brings to the session anything they feel they need to talk about. 

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Anthony (MBACP, MSc)


Anthony specialises in depression, addiction, disability and has worked with individuals of all ages. He is an integrative counsellor and has past experience working in drug and alcohol rehab. He also has a masters in psychology.

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Faye (MBACP)


Faye has a range of experience from working with addiction to bereavement. As an integrative counsellor, she uses many skills to assist the client explore how they are feeling and guides them to find solutions to problems in their life.

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Individual Counselling

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Online Counselling


What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling can offer you the opportunity to have authentic and quality counselling from the comfort of your own home.

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Counselling in Basildon

50 minute session  - £40


Counselling in Billericay

50 minute session - £40



Counselling in Romford

50 minute session - £40



Counselling in Benfleet

50 minute session - £40

Skype Counselling

50 minute session - £25


Over 65s - £30

Students - £30

Free Counselling

Low Income Initiative

Our Low Income Initiative was launched to create free access to counselling for those who have limited finances. All of our counsellors have committed to working with one individual at a time for free. This initiative ensures a weekly session over six weeks. Sessions will take place via video conferencing (Skype/Zoom/ FaceTime) or by telephone.

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